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File Deletion Software
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Privacy Guardian

File Recovery
File Recover
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Recover My Files
Undo Delete
DiskInternals Uneraser
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DiskInternals NTFS Recovery

Why do I need File Deletion Software?

If you aren't careful, your privacy can be hijacked. Through aggressive cookies and unannounced browser downloads, your surfing habits and private information could be tracked and stolen. You may even become a victim of identify theft.

Using file deletion software, privacy software and following privacy tips can help you maintain your privacy, online and off.

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System Cleaner

Being sure to delete your temporary internet files is one way to protect yourself. We think that education is the key to privacy so we not only offer file deletion software to help you in your battle to keep your privacy, but we also encourage you to learn more about it with our article Privacy and You.

Read out Tutorial On How To Clean Your Internet and Windows Tracks For Free

File Deletion Software. Delete History & Clear Temporary Files

File Deletion Software provides software that will easily, securely and permanently shred and wash away your online tracks, system history, confidential files, deleted emails, recycle bin contents and more. If you only delete a file it is recoverable, if you shred it, it's gone for good. Protect yourself with Digital File Shredder Pro

Your web browser's built-in privacy functions will not protect you as much information can not be removed manually, you need secure file deletion software.

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File Recovery Software.
Data Recovery and Disk Undelete

Data Recovery is the process of retrieval of inaccessible or corrupt data from digital media that has become damaged in some way. Data Recovery can be used to recover data from devices as varied as Hard Disk Drives, Memory Cards, Tapes, Mobile Phones, Personal Digital Assistants, Floppy Disk's, CD's, DVD's, Data Cartridges, Xbox's and many more items

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Free File Deletion Software Downloads
Free File Deletion Software Downloads!

File Deletion Articles
Read our reviews and articles about file deletion software, including how to protect your online privacy, and file recovery software including data restoring techniques.

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